Chania Courthouse (Dikastiria): A historic building and an attractive neighborhood

Chania Courthouse (Dikastiria) is one of the most characteristic neighborhood in the new city of Chania. Right next to the courthouse building there are the lovely Eleftherias square and the big orthodox church of St. Peter and Paul.

The Chania Courthouse is pretty close to Avra City Hotel and is situated on the crossroads of 4 main roads and 2 smaller ones. This means that if you are driving in modern Chania city, chances are you will come across them.

You will be impressed by the architecture and the size of the Chania Courthouse building. It is a large 4-story neoclassical building, which was initially built as a hospital in the 19th century. Today the imposing building houses the Chania Courthouse (Dikastiria), along with offices of the Chania prefecture.

The neighborhood is buzzing with activity not only during the day, when the courthouse is open, but in the evening and night as well. This has to do with it being one of the most popular spots in the new city of Chania, featuring plenty of nice cafes, restaurants and shops.

Although the courthouse building is pretty old, this is not the case with most other buildings in the area. Indeed, in the neighborhood, you can find some of the most modern apartment and office buildings in Chania city.

In the surrounding area, probably the nicest street of the many that lead to the courthouse is the splendid Iroon Politechniou str. In recent years it has become very popular with the locals, with great places to eat, drink and shop.

Chania Courthouse: The charming Eleftherias square and the orthodox church of St. Peter and Paul

The lovely square in front of the courthouse is called Eleftherias square (which means “Freedom square” in Greek). Ιn the square you can find the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, the greatest politician of modern Greece.

Eleftherios Venizelos played a crucial role in shaping Greece after World War I and the Balkan Wars. He served as Prime Minister of Greece for long periods, enjoying very high popularity. Today, you can find his statue in every city in Greece, so his hometown, Chania city, could do nothing less than dedicate one of its prominent statues to him.

The square took its present-day form in recent years. Around the statue of Venizelos, there are many tall palm trees, highlighting the Mediterranean climate of the city.

Behind the courthouse lies the big orthodox church of St. Peter and Paul. It is one of the biggest churches in the new city of Chania, and very popular with the locals for religious events like weddings and christenings.

The neighborhood of the Chania Courthouse is one of the most central places in modern Chania city. A visit there will give you a real taste of everyday life in this splendid city.

With its nice buildings and its excellent cafes, restaurants, and shops, the Chania Courthouse (Dikastiria) neighborhood is one of the most interesting locations in the city to visit.