Display of The Minoan Ship

The Minoan Ship of Chania city

The Minoan Ship of Chania city is a masterfully made replica of a 15th  century BC ship in the Museum of Ancient and Traditional Shipbuilding.

inside the catholic church

Catholic church of Chania city

The Cathedral of the Assumption, the catholic church in Chania city, is located in the center of the Old Town, on the busy Chalidon Street.

Mitropoli Church

Trimartiri Cathedral, Chania city

Trimartiri Cathedral is the Metropolitan church of Chania city, with impressive architecture, and is located in the center of the Old Town. Along with the beautiful square in front of it, it is the center of local activity.

Praying room inside the synagogue from above

Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Chania city

Etz Hayyim Synagogue is located in the heart of the Old Town of Chania, in Kondylaki side street. It commemorates the long Jewish presence in the city through history.

sun shining through the clouds in tabakaria

Tabakaria quarter in Chalepa, Chania city

The abandoned buildings of the old tanneries in Tabakaria, Chalepa, are a living monument of the city's recent history. They are also among the best places in Chania city to take some great photos.

Church of Agia Magdalini

Agia Magdalini church in Chania city

A visit to Agia Magdalini (St. Mary Magdalene) church in Chalepa, the most historic neighborhood of Chania city, feels like traveling back in time, in the beginning of the 20th century.

Distant view of Minaret

Agios Nikolaos church and Achmet Aga minaret in Chania city

The unique Agios Nikolaos church, the hidden Agia Ekaterini church, the Venetian St Rocco church and the minaret of Achmet Aga, are all great places to visit in Chania city, away from the tourist crowds.

Minaret at daliani alley

Splantzia neighborhood in Chania city

Splantzia neighborhood and square is one of the most authentic parts of Chania city, full of local color.

Statue in front of the courts of chania

Chania Courthouse (Dikastiria) square and neighborhood: in the heart of the new Chania city

The impressive building of the Chania Courthouse (Dikastiria), along with the adjoining Eleftherias square and the orthodox church of St. Peter and Paul, are the heart of one of the most characteristic neighborhoods in modern Chania city.

Clock tower of the garden

Chania Municipal Garden: Discover unique trees, the rare Kri Kri wild goats and the Watchtower

The Chania Municipal Garden offers ample shade and one-of-a-kind trees. It also features a landmark century-old building, and the only place in Chania city where you can see the famous Kri Kri, the rare wild goat of Crete. Can you imagine a better public garden?